LGU’s BPLS assessed, declared ‘one of the fastest’ in Quezon Province

The Business Permit and Licensing System (BPLS) of the local government unit of Pagbilao underwent a regional assessment by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), receiving good remarks including one of the LGUs in Quezon Province with the fastest BPLS.

During an exit conference on March 16, 2017, representatives of the said national government agencies discussed before the LGU’s concerned departments the Streamlining of Business Permit and Licensing System for Ease of Doing Business based on DILG-DTI-DICT Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 1, Series of 2016, Coaches Training on BPLS Automation, and Pagbilao BPLS Assessment Result.

Streamlining of BPLS for Ease of Doing Business

DILG-DTI-DICT JMC No. 1, S. 2016 “calls for the promotion of automation or computerization of the BPLS in all cities and municipalities” in the country. The new JMC also encourages a faster and more hassle-free issuance of business permits.

Issuance of Business Permits, as mandated by the new JMC:

  • Must take one (1) to two (2) days for New Applications, and one (1) day or less than a day for Renewals
  • Must comprise only three (3) steps (application filing and verification, assessment, and pay and claim)
  • Must utilize a unified print and electronic form, and
  • Must have only two signatories composing of the (1) Municipal Mayor or his/her representative (Municipal Administrator Ian Palicpic has been assigned by Mayor Shierre Ann Portes-Palicpic as her alternate signatory, except in specific cases) and the (2) Treasurer or BPLO

Documentary requirements for New Business Registration are as follows:

  1. Proof of business registration, incorporation, or legal personality (i.e. DTI/SEC/Cooperative Development Authority or CDA registration
  2. Basis for computing taxes
  3. Occupancy permit
  4. Contract of Lease (if Lessee), and
  5. Barangay Clearance (for businesses that are not required of, or do not have, occupancy permits)

Meanwhile, documentary requirements for Business Permit Renewal are the following:

  1. Basis for computing taxes, and
  2. Barangay Clearance

In addition, business establishments need to undergo Inspection which comprises Zoning (MPDC), Environment (MENRO), Building and Fire Safety (BFP), and Health and Sanitation (MHO) during the construction and occupancy stage. Further, the Inspection is undertaken within the year but all inspection are done before renewal or anniversary.

Coaches Training on BPLS Automation

A representative of the newly-established DICT discussed the automation process of the BPLS. The DICT will be responsible in the:

  • Provision of training programs to LGUs in partnership with the Bureau of Local Government Development (BLGD) and DTI on the planning and implementation of a computerized BPLS
  • Trainers’ training for partner agencies, academe and private sector service providers
  • Identify LGUs that will be given priority in the training programs through the e-Readiness Survey
  • Organize a pool of Trainers
  • Make available to qualified LGUs a software for BPLS computerization
  • Organize and manage an On Line Help Desk (in partnership with the DILG and the DTI)
  • Provide list of Service Providers

Pagbilao BPLS Assessment Result

After assessing the LGU’s Business Permit and Licensing System manned by Rolando Glorioso, as evidently observed during the Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) held January 2 to 20, 2017, DILG-DTI-DICT remarked that it is one of the LGUs in Quezon Province having the fastest issuance of business permits, with two (2) days processing time for new application and renewal, four (4) steps for new application and renewal, and two (2) signatories for new application and renewal. The LGU’s BPLS form is also in compliance with JMC 2010 (which required 5 to 10 days processing time for new applications and 5 days for renewal, 5 steps, unified printed form and 2 signatories).

The current BPLS four steps are as follows:

  1. Secure application form – BPLO
  2. Assessment and payment – MTO
  3. Secure fire safety inspection certificate (FSIC) – BFP
  4. Verification, processing and issuance of permit – BPLO

DILG-DTI-DICT, in addition, commended the observed best practices of the LGU’s BPLS which include:

  • Forms are distributed as early as October
  • Forms are also available at the information booth to avoid crowding within the BOSS venue
  • The Mayor has assigned an alternate signatory


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