Summer Travel Safety Tips and Reminders

Travelling this summer of 2017? Well, before embarking on your summer travel, check out these safety travel tips and reminders from the Local Government Unit of Pagbilao for a safe and fun vacay this hot season.

Tip No. 1: Research about the places and routes you are planning to go to.

In this generation of technology and internet, information are easily accessed in just one click. So before you go, do some research about the place or places, as well as routes, to where you’ll go. But we recommend to visit reliable sources like reputable media stations and government websites (yes, like this site) when researching on the security status of your target destination.

Tip No. 2: Have an electronic copy of your important documents and store them on a USB.

This tip is suggested by a retired agent of USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and we at the LGU Pagbilao deem this is a pretty useful tip. Also, this is particularly important if you’ll be travelling out of the country. Save on this secured flash drive a digitize copy of all your important docs such as your passport, driver’s license, hotel reservations, flight details, embassy numbers and office locations, and even your in-case-of-emergency contact numbers. Bring this USB at all times.

Tip No. 3: Do not disclose to other people, especially on social media, your travel plans.

Keep your travel and vacation plans a top secret; never, ever tell other people – particularly by posting on your social media accounts – your destinations. After all, the whole world doesn’t have to know about it. Apply this and save your home from robbers like the “akyat-bahay” gang.

Tip No. 4: Do not post your vacation photos on social media.

We got this tip from our very own Philippine National Police. Obviously, posting your travel and vacation pictures on social media such as Facebook and Instagram can be risky and is a big no-no.

According to Superintendent Elmer Cereno of the PNP’s Police Community Relations Group (PCRG), “If we go to a nice tourist destination, let’s not post pictures of those spots anymore. These things can be picked up easily on the Internet. Criminal elements think, ‘So nobody’s home now?’ If we take selfies from the airport to Boracay, for example, we’re encouraging them to break into our homes.”

But if you really want to post your travel photos on social media, only do it AFTER your vacay when you and your family are already home.

Tip No. 5: Be vigilant against “salisi” gang.

When going to public places such as terminals, ports, parks and markets, be attentive against members of the so-called “salisi” gang. Keep in mind that thieves thrive in dense crowd.

Tip No. 6: Act like a local.

We believe that looking and acting like a local in a foreign place, as much as you could, is very important. Not only it can make you appear street-wise in that place, it can also be a venue for you to experience the place at its best. When in a different area, especially if it’s a foreign country, respect the locals’ culture and tradition, dress properly, walk with confidence, and be polite in words and in deeds.

Tip No. 7: Have a bug-out bag stored with important things.

Carry in this bug-out bag vital stuff such as identification cards, passport, money, cellphone, your document-packed USB mentioned in Tip No. 2, etc. Keep the bag light-weight so you can easily carry this with you in case of an emergency departure.

Additional tip: Pray! Pray before leaving, while riding on a bus, plane, taxi, ship and the likes, after arriving in one destination, before sleeping in a hotel room you rented, etc. Pray – it helps. Travel safely!

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