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Flagship Program

Local Governance


Mayor SHIERRE ANN PORTES-PALICPIC formulates flagship banner programs entitled:

Poverty Alleviation through Agriculture

Pagbilao has been implementing its mandated task to support the local farmers and fisherfolks by providing Agricultural Interventions, Technical Assistance & Livelihood and also modern machineries and various farming technologies which helped them cope with the challenges brought by climate change and other factors.

Based on the data consolidated by the Municipal Agriculture Office, the farmers of this municipality have contributed an average of 5,256.5 metric tons per hectare in rice production. With this, Municipality of Pagbilao is the 2nd in Quezon Province in terms of areas which has the greatest number of rice production.

Solar Powered Irrigation System and Farm Mechanization and Artificial Insemination: these are the technologies and innovation being introduced to farmers that would help them and their families to have additional source of income and sustain their needs.

Another program under this is the, “Programang Pangisdaan” which intends to provide and distribute various assistance such as fishing boats, fish nets, and other equipment. Mayor Palicpic also started to organize the fisherfolks of coastal barangays in this municipality to promote the Fish Sanctuary Development Project.

As a result of various consultations among fisherfolks, Inter-government Agency and partnership with a non-government organization brought the Water Delineation and the GPS Tracker System to monitor the activities within the waters of Pagbilao, Quezon.


Opportunity Creation through Livelihood Programs and New Investments

Opportunities are also rapidly growing but Local Government Unit maintains its active partnership with business entities and investors promoting socio-economic development and livelihood enhancement.

In coordination also of the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) with the municipal government, Mayor Palicpic started to offer various Skills Training Program wherein the primary beneficiaries are out-of-school youth, even the rehabilitated drug dependents, and other interested PagbilaoWINS.


Wellness, Health and Sanitation

With high regards to the importence of wellness, health and sanitation Mayor Palicpic is the first Local Chief Executive in Quezon Province who started the Mobile Health Clinic wherein this vehicle drives to far flung areas and deliver health remedies to every household. It is complete with health and medical amenities and equipment which can cover minor operations, x-rays services, ECG machine for Ultrasound purposes, dental area for Dental Check-up, and an evaluation area for Cervical Cancer Screening.

The “Dalaw ni Mayor at ni Doc sa Pamilyang PagbilaoWIN” is another program of Mayor Palicpic. It is a saving grace program which aims to help families who are not whithin reach of medical help.

Mayor Palicpic also launched the Pagbilao Una Ka (P1K) a Maternity and Child Care Program. P1K aims to provide services in the continuum of care during the first 1000 days of life, from the pregnancy of the mother up to the 23rd month of the baby to ensure growth and full development of potential of the baby.

In addition to the numerous health programis the establishment of the Social Hygiene Clinic (SHC) which the Department of Health is encouraging the LGU’s to establish such for HIV/STI Prevention Program and again through her initiative the said clinic was established. It was the First SHC in the entire Quezon, Province.


Education and Environmental Protection

The Local Government Unit is considered major partner in the delivery of basic educational services. Close to Mayor Palicpic’s heart is the promising future for the young. A kind of future that unfolds their capabilities as growing individuals. Hence, she guarantees that there are well-trained teachers, enough classrooms, sufficient books and school materials in every school.

Through the leadership of Mayor Palicpic, the LGU is able to establish and sustain Binahaan Integrated School, grant transitional equipment and centers to Special Education Classes as well as accredited Early Child Care and Development Centers and provide Cash Assistance to almost 1,414 scholars. On the other hand, distribution of school bags and uniforms, chairs, laboratory equipment, school fence and classroom reinforce its goal to promote accessible and equitable education, which also aims to inspire students to become an agent of progress themselves.

Furthering its effort to adhere with R.A. 9003 otherwise known as the Solid Waste Management Act of 2001, The LGU under the administration of Mayor Palicpic was able to acquire Material Recovery Facilities: consisted of Waste Segregator and Shredding Machine as well as the Ecological Park and Sanitary Land Fill. Hereafter, the DENR granted the Municipality’s Environmental Compliance Certificate in recognition to its initiative.

Hence, Ecobricks Project remains as the LGU’s mechanism to reduce and re-use non-biodegradable plastic waste.


Reformation of the Youth and Reforestation

Municipal Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council headed by Mayor Palicpic launched the Sports Development Program for Students. This is still in line with empowering the youth to reach their full-potential while aiming to reduce youth delinquency.

Meanwhile, Mayor Palicpic also give equal importance to the environment and together with the Provincial Government of Quezon the continuous rehabilitation of the Mangrove Forest in Barangay Ibabang Palsabangon is strictly observed. This serves as the carbon Sink Initiative Project of the LGU in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Power Plant making it 2nd Most Biologically Diverse Mangrove in the Country.


Social Service, Safety, Peace & Order

High regard to the importance of public safety and orderliness urged Mayor Palicpic to launch the three of her most innovating dream projects for the span of two years (2018-2019).

Simulation of 438 Units of Solar-Powered Lights, Distribution of Disaster Response Vehicles for 18 Barangays and Municipal-Wide Installation of CCTV with Public Address with 24/7 Monitoring Team. Nowadays, all of these have been almost accomplished.


+Disaster Preparedness

Empowering private communities, schools and barangays thru Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council remains as the forefront measures to achieved a disaster resilient municipality.



The active promotion of the talents & skills of PagbilaoWINS, tourist destinations & attractions, local products and delicacies mapping the name of Pagbilao in the whole CALABARZON, and hopefully in the entire country.



Roads and programs for the infrastructure of the Local Government Unit of Pagbilao made the PagbilaoWIn families united and connected. We ensuring to provide a better community for the common good of citizenry.


+Citizens Participation and Transparency


These all reflect her vision and continuing mission to willingly help those who are in need.