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Discover Pagbilao

From Other Countries

Pagbilao, Quezon is in the Philippines, one of the countries of Southeast Asia. Most international airlines fly daily via Manila, our country’s capital. Philippine Airlines, our flag carrier, is one of the most sought-after airlines going to Manila.

Some of the airlines listed below have regular flights to Manila:

From Manila

The Municipality of Pagbilao is situated 139 kilometers from Manila. It is about 4-to-5-hour drive via a private vehicle or 5 to 6 hours ride via ordinary and airconditioned bus. There are major bus lines that have regular daily trip direct from Manila to Pagbilao passing thru Lucena City and vice versa. Pagbilao can also be reached thru other bus companies plying the south bound routes from Manila such as DLTB, Lucena Lines, JAC Liner, and others which have also daily schedules to Lucena Grand Central Terminal in Lucena City wherefrom you will transfer to the buses going directly to Pagbilao. Regular schedule of trips is at 20 minutes to 1 hour interval, whole day round.

From Manila, you will travel to South Luzon Expressway (take Santo Tomas exit), Alaminos Laguna, San Pablo City, Tiaong Quezon, Candelaria Quezon, Sariaya Quezon, Lucena City (Grand Central Terminal), and Pagbilao Quezon

Getting Around

Getting around Pagbilao is very easy. You can take a ride on a passenger jeep from Lucena City that plies regular route to Pagbilao town proper. You can take a ride on the local version of a taxi, which is called a tricycle. A tricycle can take you anywhere in the municipality and the fare is based on the kilometer distance. Or you can even just walk and take yourself anywhere in the urban Poblacion area.