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The Municipality of Pagbilao is known for being one of the top-performing municipalities in Quezon, Province. It boasts its rich culture, colorful history and wealthy agricultural industry. Behind its seemingly ordinary façade rest a town with delicious food products, fun festivals, friendly people and spectacular tourist spots.

Now, start planning to discover what Pagbilao, Quezon has to offer.

Awards & Recognitions

We bring forward and innovate to improve the way community works and lives. From 2013 up to the present, you may see the awards and recognitions received by the Municipality of Pagbilao under the leadership of Mayor Shierre Ann Portes-Palicpic below.

Pagbilao, Quezon is proud to have been recognized and considered its efforts by the credible government and non-government institutions in local, provincial, regional and national categories. It shows the successes and accomplishments done in the past 6 years.

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