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About Pagbilao

Pagbilao being the richest municipality in Quezon Province

Most of the vast lands of Pagbilao are mainly used for agricultural. These agricultural land are mostly coconut, rice and poultry farms. But some of these lands became industrial areas. Most of these industrial lands are ice plants, rice and oil mills which can be seen along the highway.

The various establishments located in the town will really help the employment of PagbilaoWins as well people of Quezon Province.

Commerce is also rapidly grown not only in the downtown area, but also spreading in the whole town. Commercial establishments are growing from Talipan up to downtown along the highway. La Suerte Mega Warehouse, the largest commercial center in town, is found in Alupaye, which most of the bus terminals can be found here.

Tourism is also growing in Pagbilao. There are many hotel and resorts can be found along the highway or in the beachfront of Barangay Bantigue, which has a great view of the islands of the town.

The DEPED-Division of Quezon Province has its main office in town. It is one of largest employers not only in Pagbilao, but the whole Quezon Province. The municipal government is also one of the top employers in town, which focuses on public services.

The Pagbilao Coal Power Plant, one of the Philippine's largest power plant stations, is found on Isla Grande in Pagbilao. It is said to be the largest employer in town.