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Mayor's Profile

Local Governance

FATHER: Former Mayor Romeo R. Portes 
MOTHER: Former Mayor Venus G. Portes 
AGE: 54 years old

Educational Background

  • Elementary - Maryknoll Academy, Lucena City | Honor Student
  • High School - Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
  • College - Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Sacred Heart College | Dean's Lister
  • Scholar Student - Buddha Munthon Thailand

Work Experience

  • Operating Room Nurse – Banawe Hospital
  • Sales Representative – Vizcavva Pharmaceutical assigned in different schools in Metro Manila
  • Program Manager of Infections Diseases in Pateros
  • Public Health Nurse in Metro Manila under DOH
  • Clinical Instructress of Second Courser Nursing Students
  • Consultant of different public health programs
  • Manager of KGP Rice Supply
  • Business Woman - Commercial Spaces